General Express provides exceptional storage options for any type of load or container size.  There is no complication with coordinating a storage and transloading plan that keeps your supply chain moving.

Our storage facilities are secure and safe, utilizing the latest security software and surveillance measures to fully protect your property 24/7.

As well, you'll find that our facilities are conveniently located near the Chicago Port District, with close proximity to major highways, making it the best choice for fast and effective shipping.

With our knowledgeable transloading professionals on duty, you can trust your load to get moved quickly and with precision. We cover all of the transitional details so that you reap the most benefits with your shipment.

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General Express: A Local Chicago-based Transportation and Logistics Company Leading the Way in Overcoming Industry Challenges

As a transportation and logistics professional, I am aware that the industry is facing a number of challenges in today's fast-paced and ever-evolving business landscape as it works to keep up with the demands of a global economy. Despite these challenges, I am positive that the industry remains a vital force driving economic growth and connecting people and businesses around the world.

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