• Reduce down time with 24/7 managed roadside service. Help your drivers by giving them a way to minimize downtime.
  • Downtime costs can impact your business, let us minimize those with a full staff of professionals monitring your fleets needs 24/7
  • Capitalize on our national discounts with major suppliers
  • Give drivers an AP that allows them to monitor the progress through realtime GPS updates form the initial call to the repairCapitalize on our national discounts with major suppliers
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General Express: A Local Chicago-based Transportation and Logistics Company Leading the Way in Overcoming Industry Challenges

As a transportation and logistics professional, I am aware that the industry is facing a number of challenges in today's fast-paced and ever-evolving business landscape as it works to keep up with the demands of a global economy. Despite these challenges, I am positive that the industry remains a vital force driving economic growth and connecting people and businesses around the world.

6 Quick Tips to Improve Supply Chain Optimization

The most successful companies all have one thing in common: a fully optimized, high performance supply chain. Every link is as important as the next, and if one link doesn’t work, it’s enough to throw off the balance.

5 Benefits of a Career as a Truck Driver

Whether you’re feeling stagnant at your office job and want to make a career switch or you’re freshly graduated and not sure which direction you want to take your professional life, there is one path that offers many benefits: truck driving.