Rail Boxes and Privately Owned Chassis

Rail Boxes

For railroad intermodal services in Chicago, IL, contact Genex and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having the support of a logistics company that puts your business first.

Genex can connect you with a variety of railboxes for all of your shipping needs, including boxcovers, flatcars, covered hoppers, open top hoppers, and gondolas.

Rail Freight Services in Chicago, IL

When you ship via rail, there are a number of factors to consider, such as the type of railbox you need for your products, the route planning, and securing the best rates. Genex specializes in 3PL rail services, with an extensive network reach and years of experience to deliver solutions that help you save.

Not only can we connect you with carriers that provide a wide range of railboxes, but if you need help with logistics planning, we can do that, too. We utilize high tech software to manage supply chains, instantly boosting security and visibility for full shipping transparency.

Speed up your supply chain operations and move railboxes with ease when you partner with Genex. No matter if you’re shipping a small or large load, we can supply you with the right railcars in Chicago, IL, along with the strategic planning that keeps demurrage costs low.

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